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700 miles and counting

I can feel it in my bones. The anxiousness is starting to creep into my riding. Just a little over a month left. I will have 1000 miles on the trike one way or another. I’ve started to do some serious hill climbing. Carson Street hill is still a bitch.


Four weeks and counting …

Today took off for a 30 mile ride into the Blue Hills and back. Cool crisp morning. Great for riding.

About 4 miles out I found a phone in the road. A few miles later it rang and I answered it. The lady said, “You must have my friends lost phone?” “Yes I do.”
A few miles later they drove up and I returned it to its owner.

CedarSide Trail

For the past four years the CedarSide Trial has been my regular ride. I’ve had to change. There are just too darn many people sometimes.


Well here I go again.

This Spring has not been real conducive to riding but I have close to 400 miles on the new trike. Serious training will commence after Memorial Day. A final 6 week push will have me prepared for this years trek. 


A custom made 26 inch 21 speed trike. A one of a kind gem!


The final total for the year was 1336. The trike is put away. RAGBRAI registration opens in 5 days. RAGBRAI 2014 here I come, again.

It’s been a while …

RAGBRAI 2013 has come and gone without me. Thankfully. Next year.

I’ve really come to the conclusion that I am an every other year RAGBRAI guy. So, August 1 I start to train for RAGBRAI 2014. 

This year the route was the easiest ever. Not only was it a short route but tailwinds practically every day with mild temperatures made it a very easy ride all the way. If I am going to train for a year I sure wouldn’t want it that easy. 

So I’ll put on a minimum 800 more miles this year with a focus of some of those miles being hill training.  Then next year another 1500 before RAGBRAI.

Doable. Definitely doable.


Memorial Day Weekend

I hit 200 miles today. Last year at this time I had almost 900. That’s what happens when we have a shitty Spring and I am not motivated by RAGBRAI to hit it hard no matter what. It will be interesting to see how many total I do ride this summer. I’m looking at possibly a challenging 2 day ride in early October. That would push me to do extra training?