RAGBRAI 2012 – Day 7

Anamosa to Clinton. A ride of 69 miles with a smattering of semi big hills but mostly small to moderate. A cool day in the mid 80’s forecast with a slight NW wind at our back. The goal was to be in Clinton by 2:00 at the latest so we could get on the road back home. If possible I was going to try to make it by 1:00. I told Bruce I wouldn’t race to the finish but wouldn’t dawdle either. I left camp at 4:30. I had coffee and breakfast by 5:00. I was ready to roll.


As I left Anamosa the sign said “You are entering Grant Wood Country.” The artist most famous for the painting American Gothic. As an orange glow started to appear in the east, the sound of a rooster crowing could be heard. Believe it or not roosters still do crow at dawn.  As I rode, and looked over the rolling countryside and listened to the rooster, it was truly a Grant Wood moment.

The rest of the ride was unremarkable. No big hills to climb toward the end. The hardest days of the ride were long behind us.

When I reached the dip site I quickly realized I wouldn’t be dipping my tire in the Mississippi River. I could have but I didn’t know how long it would take and it was already 1:00 and I still had to find Bruce. It didn’t matter that much to me.

I had completed RAGBRAI again. This time I had corrected many mistakes I made the first time and was very content with myself. Very content. Except for sunburned lips it was a  fun week. Just out there blissfully ignorantly riding for a full week.  Yes, very, very content.

Would I do it again? Sure. But I’m not planning on it. Like I said I’m content. I took on this challenge twice and won both times.

But I’ve had a few friends over the past couple of years tell me they might like to try it?

Or maybe drive for me?

So maybe.


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