RAGBRAI 2012 – Day 6

A short little ride of 42 miles from Cedar Rapids to Anamosa.  A well deserved short day.

Something happens on RAGBRAI when a short day is planned. It seems riders come out of the ditches to ride. There are 10,000 registered riders each day on the ride but on some days the number of riders can reach 15,000 – 20,000. These are bandits adding to the numbers. Riders who didn’t register. Thousands of them came out this day. More young kids on the ride than have been on the ride all week. The pass through towns were so packed it was hard to even walk through.

Throughout the week I received comments about my trike. A comment or two each day. “Nice ride” or “nice rig” they would say.  I never heard a comment like that two years ago. Not one. This trike had a little more respect on the road than my last trike.

Bruce and I went downtown in the afternoon. I had arrived in Anamosa shortly after noon. I stayed with him a couple of hours and then went back to camp. It was a short day but I still needed a rest. He wanted to party. I didn’t.

While laying in bed I could hear the band playing blocks away in the entertainment area. I don’t know who the band was but they had the crowd whipped into a frenzy. Combine a short day and the last night on the road and that is what you can get.

One day to go.


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