RAGBRAI 2012 – Day 2

The forecast for Monday was once again hot. Sixty two miles of hot. The first half of the route was hilly with the second half rather flat. Nothing out of the ordinary.

After coffee at a C-Store I was on the road at 5:15.

When there is a big hill descent into a town you can be guaranteed a big hill climb early the next morning to get out-of-town. The hill was big enough there were a few walkers. It was still dark out so the hill could not be seen. What could be seen was a trail of blinking red lights on the backs of the cycles.  A really cool picture if someone had the right equipment.

A great breakfast of biscuits and gravy awaited me in Aurelia City Park. In the park the local high school jazz band was playing for our enjoyment and it was enjoyable. Many pass through towns hire bands or hire a DJ to provide music when most of the riders would prefer local music. Aurelia did it right.

I had my only good Bloody Mary of the week in Schaller later that morning. I became so disgusted with the Bloody Marys I quit drinking them. They reminded me of a local bar that buys the cheapest ingredients for their Bloody Mary and call them the Best in Town. Sorry but you can’t serve a good Bloody Mary when you use the cheapest ingredients you can purchase. But I digress.

The route today was more south than east and the hot wind was still coming out of the south. Obviously many on the route didn’t take care of themselves. Heat exhaustion was evident as many along the route were being treated. Others were able to ward of the heat exhaustion with rest.

With the second half of the route rather flat I found the route to be a good cruising day. I arrived in camp at 1:35. Then the problems started.

Lake View was the smallest overnight town of the week. Showers were in short supply. I had to stand in the hot sun on a concrete slab for an hour waiting for a shower. It was by far the hottest hour of the day for me. I didn’t take my lip balm with me to the showers and in just that short time my lips got burned. My worst injury of the week.



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  1. Posted by Hank on August 7, 2012 at 7:57 am

    Big ZING there. Must be those cheap olives, HUH!


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