End of the Season … Really

I put the trike away for the winter yesterday after a short ride. The odometer read 602 km. That is 373 miles since RAGBRAI. Over 2500 for the year.

My first ride of the year was on March 14. The last November 12. A full eight month season. There is a dusting of snow on the ground this morning and more on the way today so I pushed it as long as I could.

Next Monday registration for RAGBRAI 2011 opens. I won’t be registering. I will be very interested in next year’s route when it is announced the end of January but I won’t be registering.

The three Wisconsin routes have been announced. One hugs Lake Superior,  one hugs Lake Michigan and one meanders along the Wisconsin River. I wouldn’t have to camp in a tent and the routes each day are a bit shorter. Maybe? I’m not ruling it out.


One response to this post.

  1. Al – Thanks for your comments on my RAGBRAI recap blog and for sharing yours.

    AWESOME job!

    I didn’t see you on the roads in Iowa this past year, but maybe in 2011. Just… find a lighter trike to ride.

    Until we meet, safe peddling.



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