Smooth Sailing …

Here is a great recap of Day 6 from a guy named Bob.

That was Waterloo to Manchester. The day of the rain. I chuckled as I read …

Ok.  Let’s be up front about this.  Day 6 was one of the most miserable days to ride a bike.  Ever.

I was feeling OK until that day. I had just bought the T-shirt that said “Smooth sailing from here.”  We thought it was. Everyone thought it was. It wasn’t.

This is the first I read about us being detoured as we headed into Manchester. I vividly (well as vividly as possible) remember how long it seemed to take to get to Manchester. At one point I rested in the shade of trees in a farmer’s mowed lawn. Another rider asked me how much farther I thought it was because she too thought we should already be there. We all knew Manchester had flooded but we didn’t know about the detour. No wonder the map didn’t seem to jive with where we were going.

Anyway… on November 1 the routes of the 2011 Wisconsin Bike Tours are announced. There are three rides in Wisconsin. Two of them are shorter and easier than RAGBRAI. In fact they are teasing one of the rides as “returning to the easiest route ever” or something like that.  That’s interesting. I don’t mind saying I have nothing against easy routes. And you can sleep in gyms with showers.  No tent needed.


I already ran it passed Karen. No problem there…

We’ll see.


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