Here’s a RAGBRAI story written by Matt DeYoung from the Grand Haven (MI) Tribune.

It tells in part the story of Ben Vegh on the last day of the ride.

A brutal hill on the final day had the several local participants in the RAGBRAI talking over a week after they finished the grueling 442-mile trek across Iowa.

We had some of our guys make it, but I didn’t make it up.”

Randy White said that going down the backside of the hill was equally as challenging.

“Coming down, you’re hitting 45 miles per hour. You’re applying the breaks the whole time.”

One of those who made it up was one of White’s riding partners, Ben Vegh. The pastor at The Gateway Church, Vegh took on an added personal challenge during the seven-day event, riding several extra miles per day to get his total up to 600.

Vegh was able to keep his momentum and crested Potter’s Hill without stopping.

“I got up a little later than I wanted that day, so I was a little behind schedule,” Vegh said. “I went 49.9 miles in 2 hours, 31 minutes, and that’s with 3,600 feet of climb, including Potter’s Hill.

“Potter’s Hill was crazy. In the stretch where I was, only one or two people out of several hundred made it to the top without getting off their bike.”

Ben went (rounded off) 50 miles in 2 1/2 hours.

Those same 50 miles took me on my trike 6 1/2 hours.


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