Day 4

The trip from Clear Lake to Charles City was a mere 51 miles and once again flat. (GeoBike Chart.)

While I never lingered long in pass through towns, except when having a Bloody Mary, Cartersville tempted me to stick around. It was in Cartersville the party got a little out of hand. The flying trapeze over a man-made lake drew a crowd. According to news reports the trapeze was shut down about 2:30 due to nudity of participants. By that time I was already in Charles City reflecting on what occurred to me during the day.

A number of riders passing me by this day made comments or asked questions about the trike. Guys were using words such as “awesome” and “amazing” that I was still on the ride. Questions about how many speeds the trike had were normal. Having some of the guys on the ride take notice and give me encouragement was nice.


Then there was the pretty young lady who passed me by then slowed until I caught back up to her. She too was interested in the number of speeds on the trike. After a few seconds of such small talk she said to me, “You must have … incredibly … strong … legs.” I almost felt violated. I had just been mentally undressed on County Road B45 in Floyd County, Iowa. It was the first time I had ever been mentally undressed by a pretty young lady. That includes when I was a young man.

A short time later another pretty young lady passed me by and said,”You must be the strongest man out here. Nobody else could do what you are doing.”

Two compliments by two different pretty young ladies within an hour of each other. Me? What the hell was going on here? Obviously a number of fellow riders also believed what I was attempting to do was “near impossible.” But there I was still around on Day 4.

I was feeling really good when I peddled into Charles City and found my tent once again tied up to a chain link fence. Two more days of worrying about the tent and that would be it.

I was feeling so good that I went downtown and took in The Dweebs concert from 5-8. A little NW Wisconsin humor and entertainment for me.

The two days of easy riding were now over. Tomorrow would be 80 miles and hills. A good night of rest would be needed.


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