Day One … The rest of the story.

The entire RAGBRAI route is charted showing the elevation changes each mile of the route. They are called the GeoBike  charts. After Washta I knew I had a few miles of relative flat then right after Quimby the hills would start again. The chart can be seen here. At the 48 and 52 mile markers very steep hills were indicated. I knew I had to rest at Quimby before attempting those two hills.

After about a 15 minute stop in Quimby I started out again and climbed the first hill without much difficulty. While on the descent from that hill I could see a handful of bikers walking the second hill. I gathered as much momentum as possible and half way up realized I too would be walking a portion of the hill. Damn. I didn’t want to do that on day one.

As I walking and pushing the trike the Wilson family passed me by. I wrote about the Wilson family before. That would be Greg, 38, Shelli, 33, and children Remington, 8, Chastity, 7, Hope, 3, and Preston, 1.  In the 10 seconds or so they took to pass me will be remembered by me forever. As they passed Remington yelled at me, “YOU’RE A WALKER … WE’RE RIDERS NOT WALKERS … YOU’RE A WALKER … WE’RE RIDERS NOT WALKERS!!!” The little shit was trash talking me. Greg burst out in laughter as did I. Greg obviously had a training regimen that included mental toughness and Remington was just mimicking it. It was funny. I am sure Greg later explained to Remington that trash talking fellow bike riders might be considered by some to be in poor taste however.

The days ride had started at 6:00 and I arrived at my camp at 4:00. It took me 10 hours to ride the 68 miles to Storm Lake.

During those 10 hours I received many comments from fellow riders about my seat. My tractor style, sheepskin covered seat. The seat was proclaimed by many to be the “most comfortable seat in RAGBRAI.”

And no matter how tired I was, I waved to as many people watching us from the sidelines as possible. Especially the kids who pointed at me and smiled.

How tired was I when I reached Storm Lake? One week later I remember nothing about Storm Lake. Not where the camp was set up. Not what I ate. Nothing. I do remember thinking about the 79 mile trip in front of me the next day. That would be eleven miles longer than today. But flat. Very, very flat.


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  1. Posted by HANK on August 3, 2010 at 11:45 am

    It only took 2 days to write about day 1. Got the feeling this is gonna be a long trip. Glad to see you made it through though. Looking forward to tomorrows hi-lites/adventure. Have you done any riding since you got home or are you on sabatical for awhile?


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