Welcome to Washta

RAGBRAI is over. I survived.

The week did not unfold as I expected, but life seldom does.

Over the next couple of weeks this paper shuffler will be collecting my thoughts…

I knew Day 1 was going to tough. On paper it was to be the hardest day. After  level riding in the city of Sioux City, riders started to climb the hills on their way to Storm Lake. Waves and waves and waves of riders passed me by. Slow riders were to stay to the right and I hugged the white line of the right of the road. I expected to see a few other trikes like mine but every other trike on the ride was of the recumbent variety.  I wondered why?

The hills of western Iowa are similar to the Blue Hills which I trained climbing. As I peddled along I remembered to “drink before thirsty, eat before hungry and rest before tired.” I certainly kept hydrated then stopped in Kingsley and had a “Breakfast Sandwich” from a local church.

Just past the half way point of the day I arrived in Washta. I had been climbing hills for a little over four hours nows. I was tired. Real tired. It might be said near exhaustion.Them were some big hills. One right after another.  I found some shade and laid on the ground. After about 20 minutes I got up and heaved my guts out. I laid back down and thought “six and a half more days, I better get going.” So I did. I got back on the trike and started to peddle.

As I peddled now any thoughts of “having  fun” that day were erased from my thoughts. It was survival. I had trained for a year for this trip and certainly wasn’t going to give up now. If I got through Day 1 it would be easier tomorrow.

Just get through today… just get through today…


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