Time to think…

Strange week in anticipation of RAGBRAI.

In packing and preparing to leave I have had many thoughts go through my head. I spent let’s say 300 hours riding/training the past year. That is a lot of alone time.

Time to think about Steve (Bonzo) Day. Bonzo was the most dedicated bike rider I ever knew. Back in the late 70’s, when I had a real bike,  we rode the Elroy-Sparta Trail together. Bonzo would have loved to come along with me on this trip. A brain tumor took Bonzo from us a few years ago.

Time to think about Steve Call. Steve was a race walker. You know that funny walk. Steve didn’t care what anyone thought of that “funny” walk.  Steve would have approved of my riding a tricycle.  A brain tumor took this Steve last year.

It was three years ago that I bought my trike. Back when gas hit $4 I decided I was going to use it to ride up to coffee in the morning and other short trips around town. It was just a single speed then with knobby trail tires.

It was two years ago when observing the RAGBRAI overnight in Tipton that I started to seriously mull the idea over in my head of riding it on a trike.

Then last year at my 40th class union I decided to “do it.”  Too many of my classmates talked about retiring and doing nothing. I couldn’t imagine that … doing nothing. So I decided my protest against “doing nothing” would be to do something really big for me.

Now I am with days of being dropped off in Sioux City with two bags of stuff and my tricycle.

Oh yes, Bonzo would have loved it.


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