Training is Over!

Yesterday I put on 60 miles. My final long ride of training. I headed out towards the Blue Hills and kept going until I found a hill I couldn’t climb and then turned around.

It was very appropriate that on the way I passed Friess’s Ranch. As a Boy Scout I use to camp at Freiss’s Ranch. It would have been the last time I slept in a tent.

I rode over 1600 miles this year and yesterday was the first day I had a dog chase me and I had two of them. Both big brown dogs. I just kept my eyes on the road and tried to ignore them. As they were barking at my heels I was imagining ending up in the hospital and missing RAGBRAI but that didn’t happen. They barked and that was it.

I have read many times that the lines at the porta potties can get quite long at RAGBRAI. Everyone is in training!

This week it is only leisurely rides to keep the legs loose. I don’t have to go looking for a hill to climb. I don’t have to worry about putting X many miles on this week. I just let the excitement build.


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