Plover is for hamball lovers!

Another pass through town that is getting ready for RAGBRAI is Plover. (Population 95)

First I read this post on the RAGBRAI  Forum...

Well i’m new  to ragbrai but after my friend informed me ragbrai is going by his house and not only once but 2 times we wanted to do something fun for the ridders,  We have set up a 60 foot tent so if its hot you have shade and if its raining you can dry off or just chill, We will have live music playing from 3-4 diff local performers (My brother for one) the pork guy will be there,  i have a dozer there now setting up a HUGE slip and slide for everbody its almost finished it will be 100 x 20 ft with 6-7 foot of slope, there is plenty of room for people and there bikes,  the thing im wondering is how much beer and water i should get, i’m planing on 2400 beers (cans) and 2000 bottles of water…?(i am the only one in plover selling beer) So if somebody could tell me if thats enough not enough or what i should do that would be great, I will be posting pic and a video of the slip and slid when its done this weekend so you can all see it, hope to see you there,

Thanks Jeff

A hundred foot slip and slide. That will attract the masses.

And for those who wish a more low key visit to Plover we have …

Are Five Plover Church Ladies Crazy to Invite So Many Riders to Lunch?

Our first thought was humility. Plover is mighty small and our church circle has only five members—what could we offer a group as big as RAGBRAI? (Should we hide under the beds so you’d think we were all on vacation?)

Our second thought was hospitality. What should five Christian ladies do when strangers roll into town on a beastly hot day? (Point you to water and a shade tree, at the very least.)

Our third thought was creativity. What could we offer that would make your visit fun? (Have you ever had a hamball on stick? No, we didn’t think you had.)

And then, just as we were gathering the courage to attempt ten times more hamballs than we’d ever made before, a spring wind storm took big chunks out of our church roof. (We took that as a sign.) 

The five grandmas of the Hope United Methodist Church Circle invite you to the Plover Park where you can sit in the shade, listen to old-fashioned rock-and-roll (What? You thought I meant hymn-singing?), and maybe try one of our locally famous hamballs on a stick! I call our hamballs “meat candy bars.” (We baste ‘em in sweet barbeque sauce.) We’re busy making pies, too!

With help from some of our friends, our husbands, and our out-of-town kids we hope to show you family-themed hospitality. No beer (we are church ladies, after all) but we do have bars–brownies, blondies, chocolate chip…

Our own L. Lars Hulsebus of the Des Moines Register will be singing accompanied by another Plover export, Toby Handy. They perform rock-and-roll hits from the past five decades along with Lars’s original songs.

We even have a guy from church who makes a snow-cone on steroids—his own secret recipe! (Who says five old ladies don’t know what’s cool!)

We’ll be the ones wearing shirts that say, “Plover is for hamball lovers!” We hope RAGBRAI riders will leave loving our little-town, tiny-church hospitality.

Grandma Candace

You Bet. I’ll be stopping in Plover.

See you then Grandma Candace!


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