Fixing a flat

I don’t remember getting this many flat tires as a kid. I realize my trike has three tires instead of two, so the  chances of a flat are increased by 33%. But still … the trike is back in the shop with its second flat tire this week.

Some people may think I should be fixing my own flat tires. Those people don’t know me. I’m not good at fixing things. On the ride I will be at the mercy of others to help me. I will have a “cold one” in my cooler for whoever that may be, so I should be in good shape.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Actually, a trike has 50% more tires than a bike.

    Or, put another way, a trike has 150% the tires of a bike.

    A bike has 67% the tires of a trike.

    Just sayin’…


  2. I stand corrected.

    When I wrote it I wondered if it was right or not.

    I somehow knew if I was wrong someone would correct me.

    Thank you!


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