Spinning and spinning and spinning

It is amazing what nice weather can do to the odometer. Makes it spin and spin and spin. This week is the first week that I am ahead of schedule for the minimum training miles. With 5 1/2 weeks of training left I have 800 of the 1000 miles behind me. If nice weather continues I should have no problem exceeding the 1000 miles minimum recommended prior to the trip.

Caffeinated Thoughts reports that former New Mexico Governor and possible Presidential candidate Gary Johnson will be riding RAGBRAI.

I know what you are thinking, a politician riding on RAGBRAI, the 472 mile bike ride across Iowa?  You are probably imagining an out of shape politician being driven from stop to stop, to shake hands and to get his picture taken eating a big pork chop on a stick, but you would be getting the wrong picture.  Gary Johnson is a triathlete, who has also scaled the highest peaks of 4 continents, including Everest.  I picture Gary Johnson sailing through the ride with plenty of time to spare for hand shaking at each stop.  Many potential presidential candidates visit Iowa from time to time, but how many of them take the time to slowly track their way across Iowa, surrounded by thousands of Iowans, participating in one of their favorite pastimes, RAGBRAI?

Whadda ya bet I end up taking politics with Gary?


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