Ringo and Paul?

A big part of each overnight community’s effort to entertain RAGBRAI visitors is deciding with which bands to invite to play.

Sioux City is struggling with that decision now …

As soon as city leaders got word Sioux City would be hosting the start of the Register’s Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa, or RAGBRAI, the wheels of progress started moving.

Where should people camp?  Where should the entertainment venue be held?  Should there be a charge for entertainment?  What headlining band will come to Sioux City?  Where should the port-a-pots come from?

The first thing Events Facilities Director, Aran Rush wanted to know, “What bands would you like to see on RAGBRAI?”

Ideas from ‘Lady Gaga’, ‘Metallica’, ‘Barenaked Ladies’ and ‘Huey Lewis and the News’ all surfaced on the Tyson Events Center’s facebook page.  But Rush already has a good idea of who he would like to headline the performance, but is keeping tight lipped about closed door discussions.

“If I told you now who we’re thinking about then the excitement and momentum would be gone once tickets go on sale,” said Rush at a RAGBRAI meeting on Tuesday.

Ringo and Paul would cause some excitement!

And I’ve said it before, I can’t wait to see what Clear Lake has in mind for us.


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