How many miles is RAGBRAI?

The 2010 RAGBRAI route was announced January 30. The total miles this year is 442. The route goes through mainly northern Iowa. This is the 38th year and this years route is rated the 3rd easiest in history for length and hills.

I decided I was going to ride RAGBRAI in early August of last year. The fact this is the 3rd easiest in history is just a bonus for me. I didn’t plan it that way. I was going to ride it no matter what the route was going to be. This years route starts in Sioux City then goes from there with overnights in Storm Lake, Algona, Clear Lake, Charles City, Waterloo, Manchester and ending in Dubuque.

That is right an overnight in Clear Lake. The Day the Music Died. The Surf Ballroom is still there.  It is one of the shorter routes of the trip coming into Clear Lake that day. I have a hunch there will be a lot of rockin and rollin that day and night. I read the music will start in mid afternoon for early arrivals.

The final day will  take us through or very close to Dyersville the home of the Field of Dreams site. I’ve been to the Field on three different occasions. I can’t imagine what it would be like with 10,000 bikes going past within an eight-hour period.

The exact roads will be announced in March. Until then it is only speculation how we will travel between those overnight cities.

I’ve started to ride the stationary bike in the basement. BORING. I do it early morning while watching Morning Joe. The minimum recommended amount of miles prior to doing RAGBRAI is a 750.  So that will be my goal once I can get outside. That should be no problem. After deciding about August 1 last year and the end of my biking year I put on 500. Horrible October weather cut short the season and I was out with an injury for two weeks. So 500 miles was really good.

While the minimum recommended is 750 miles my personal goal is 1000 miles two weeks prior to RAGBRAI.

Then I will be taking it easy the last two weeks.

That’s the plan.


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